Sporting superstar Shaquille O’Neal took to the basketball court in Atlantis to work with youngsters as part of his commitment to help the Paradise Children’s Foundation.

Donor Recipients

The Bahamas National Feeding Network is comprised of 13 organizations working together as a hub for the collection and distribution of food items, and financial and physical resources, to the organizations that interact daily with those plagued by hunger.

Paradise Children’s foundation regularly supports the Feeding Network through the funding of school breakfast and lunch programs, as well as the distribution of warm meals to children and families in need.

Youth Help Development School Hygiene program

The School Hygiene Program is geared towards personal hygiene in Government and Special needs Schools, and Children’s shelters/hostels. By providing children in inner city communities with basic hygiene products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, etc., the program promotes healthy habits, giving children confidence and boosting self-esteem. 

The Paradise Children’s Foundation purchased 250 hygiene kits for the program.

Bahamas Down Syndrome Association

The Bahamas Downs Syndrome Association strives to generate greater awareness, positive social acceptance and belonging in the community of persons with Down Syndrome.

Paradise Children’s Foundation provided program funding for children with special needs.

Andros Conservancy & Trust

ANCAT is a nonprofit, non-governmental conservation organization. ANCAT’s mission is to protect, preserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of Andros Island and its marine environment, through education, conservation and management for future generations.

The Paradise Children’s Foundation funded a summer Eco school program for 30 at risk youth in central Andros. In addition to the program, shoes were purchased for those children in need.